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How Medical Billers Increase Physician Profitability with Transparent RCM Services

Medical Billing: Our medical billers ensure that the documentation for individual psychotherapy is thorough and accurate. This includes confirming the patient’s capacity to participate and benefit from therapy, specifying the estimated duration in terms of the number of sessions, and documenting that the treatment is expected to improve the patient’s health status or function. Key details like target symptoms, therapy goals, responses, and monitoring methods are meticulously recorded.

For group psychotherapy, our billers ensure that records reflect the application of cognitive skills, behavior modification, supportive interactions, and reality discussions aimed at therapeutic change. Documentation includes the participant’s involvement and an evaluation of the session’s benefits or lack thereof.

Expert Medical Billing Services in Dallas, TX

Our team in Dallas, TX, has streamlined the medical billing process to reduce the tedious and time-consuming tasks that impact revenue collection. By leveraging technology and specialized knowledge, we enable healthcare providers to focus more on patient care. Our services include:

  • Comprehensive understanding of fee schedules, Medicaid, and commercial payer regulations.
  • Accurate responses to patient billing inquiries.
  • Strict adherence to HIPAA rules and regulations for precise billing.

Custom Revenue Cycle Management

We offer best-in-class revenue cycle management for medical practices in Dallas, Texas. Our services are designed for hospitals, clinics, physicians, and government agencies, ensuring timely reimbursement and a significant reduction in denied insurance claims. Our billing experts collaborate closely with healthcare providers to maximize revenue and enhance patient satisfaction.

Specialized Billing and Coding Services

As a leading medical billing company in Dallas, our focus is on resolving your billing and coding issues, allowing you to concentrate on patient care. Our medical billing managers excel in:

  • Patient demographics entry
  • Eligibility verification
  • Medical coding
  • Charge entry
  • Claim submission
  • Payment posting
  • Denial management
  • A/R follow-up
  • Patient billing

Pain Points

There are three categories of errors most commonly noted in psychotherapy review; Non- documentation, Non-covered services, and Not Medically Necessary services. Listed below are examples of errors we see under each category.

Common Billing Challenges in Medical Billing Services

  1. Non-Documentation / Insufficient Documentation
    • Missing medical records for billed services.
    • Inadequate documentation to justify the billed level of care.
    • Lack of evidence for face-to-face time spent with patients.
    • No record of psychotherapy interventions used or patient responses.
    • Unclear documentation of the billing provider’s involvement in the service.
  2. Non-Covered Services
    • Psychotherapy services performed by unlicensed individuals.
  3. Not Medically Necessary Services
    • Lack of documentation showing the patient’s ability to benefit from psychotherapy.
    • Medical records not indicating expected improvement in the patient’s health status or function.

Expertise in medical Health Billing

With extensive experience in health billing, our team is proficient in managing the billing processes for Psychiatrists, Psychologists, Psychiatric Social Workers, and Psychoanalysts. Regardless of your practice’s focus, our skilled billers can address your unique billing needs, ensuring accurate and compliant claims submission.

Our services encompass:

  • Initial and follow-up visits
  • Family therapy (with or without the patient)
  • Marriage counseling
  • Group therapy
  • Nursing home visits
  • Medication management

We understand the complexities of mental health billing and are committed to optimizing your revenue cycle management. Let our expert team handle the intricacies so you can focus on providing exceptional patient care.

Advantages of United Medical Billing Services

  1. Error-Free Billing Processes: Our team comprises experienced and extensively trained professionals with in-depth knowledge of intricate claim submission procedures. MedicalBillersandCoders staff undergoes rigorous training to ensure adherence to quality standards and domain-specific expertise.
  2. Expedited Cash Flow: Outsourcing billing services through UMBS facilitates a consistent cash flow and swift collection for clients. Physicians can capitalize on economies of scale by entrusting us with their medical billing tasks, ensuring prompt revenue generation.
  3. Enhanced Patient Satisfaction: Physicians can dedicate their focus solely to patient care, knowing that UMBS prioritizes maximizing their revenue. Our outsourced medical billing services ensure swift reimbursement for each code, prompt error identification, and timely follow-up on denials, ultimately boosting patient satisfaction.
  4. Compliance with Billing Regulations: As a HIPAA-compliant medical billing company, we integrate compliance deeply into all our operations, ensuring that billing processes adhere to regulatory standards and guidelines.

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