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We understand the distinct challenges in medical practice management. That’s why our comprehensive RCM services aim to enhance efficiency, optimize cash flow, and support your financial goals in medical billing.

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Who We Are?

We are among the top medical billing companies in Texas, USA that enable access to CPB-certified staff, including R&D resources and platform-independent professionals, to handle the revenue cycle for practices. We have enriched our knowledge in medical billing and practice management services, audit review, and healthcare management consultancy that let us provide quality first services to medical billing providers. Our medical coding & billing experts handle the complete revenue cycle management for multiple specialties to increase their collections and reduce denial and administrative costs. Get information on Medicaid, Medicare, the ACA health insurance marketplace, and COBRA.

As the provider of your medical billing services, we function as an integral component of your team—an extension of your staff. While you focus on healing, entrust the management of revenue to us. Your team, comprising doctors, nurses, front-desk staff, and techs, collectively serves a crucial purpose within your organization: working collaboratively to deliver the utmost care to your patients.

What We Do

Our Achievements

As a leading company in the medical billing and coding industry, we have consistently achieved excellence in various aspects that contribute to the success of healthcare practices. Here, you’ll find a snapshot of our accomplishments and expertise, each represented by a percentage that reflects our commitment to delivering outstanding results.

15+ Years of Experience

700+ Satisfied Providers

5M+ Claims Processed

1500+ Employees

50+ Specialities

At United Medical Billing Solutions, these achievements represent more than just numbers as they signify our dedication to providing unparalleled service and support to healthcare providers.

Mental and Behavioral Health

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Family Medicine

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Mental Health Councelor

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Mental Health, Substance Use

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At United Medical Billing Solutions, we offer a comprehensive range of services tailored to meet the unique needs of healthcare providers. Our services include medical billing and coding, credentialing and contracting, eligibility verification, accounts receivable management, revenue cycle management, and more. We provide end-to-end solutions to optimize your practice's financial health.

Efficient medical billing and coding are crucial for accurate claim submission and timely reimbursement. By ensuring that services are coded accurately and claims are processed efficiently, you can minimize claim denials, reduce administrative workload, and accelerate cash flow. This translates into optimized revenue cycles and enhanced financial health for your practice.

Credentialing is the process of verifying a healthcare provider's qualifications and experience to become an approved participant in insurance networks. Being credentialed allows you to expand your patient reach, offer in-network benefits, and maximize your practice's revenue potential. Credentialing enhances patient trust and positions your practice as a reliable choice for quality care.

Eligibility verification plays a crucial role in promoting transparency in patient coverage. By verifying insurance coverage and communicating benefit details to patients, you empower them to make informed decisions about their healthcare. Transparent eligibility verification minimizes surprises, enhances patient satisfaction, and fosters open communication between providers and patients.

Efficient accounts receivable management streamlines the process of tracking outstanding balances and ensures prompt reimbursement for services rendered. By addressing potential issues proactively and optimizing claims processing, you can enhance cash flow, minimize revenue leakage, and maintain a financially healthy practice.

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