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Medical Billing Services With UMBS

We possess cutting-edge infrastructure and the essential expertise to deliver a comprehensive range of medical billing and coding services to clients worldwide. Within our suite of medical billing and consulting services, we meticulously code the services received, and our dedicated billing team ensures timely reimbursement of claims.

We help practices of all sizes overcome issues with lost, delayed, or underpaid claims. Partner with our 24/7 medical billing and coding consultancy for the comprehensive support your practice requires.

How Our Billing Process WorkWork?

Discover the seamless journey of our billing process: simplicity, accuracy, and efficiency intertwined.
How Our Billing Process Works


Benefits Of Our Medical Billing Service

KPI Dashboard

Get insight into essential metrics like collected copays and accounts receivable by payer.

Revenue Monitoring

Monitor your practice’s revenue by tracking patient and insurance payments, identifying trends, and measuring financial progress.

Patient Balancing

Send reminder notices to patients with overdue payments and collect outstanding balances to reduce owed money.

Automated Validation

The system checks a patient’s insurance benefits at check-in to avoid billing surprises. Patients are prompted to pay co-pays at this time.

Performance Metrics

Get a quick overview of your practice’s financial performance and create performance initiatives to improve your practice at scale.

Bills Collection

Get a summary of your medical bills, including status (paid, denied, in process, rejected). Our experts will follow up on these bills for you and provide one-click support for any billing problems.

AI Workflow

An AI-powered billing rules engine automatically detects & corrects errors in medical claims, ensuring faster payments and higher reimbursement rates.

Intelligent Billing

Smart billing with a well-defined charge coding means accurate and compliant superbills with zero chances of up/down coding.

Compliance Driven

AI-charged algorithms recommend the appropriate E&M level, and identify and prevent medical fraud abuse to eliminate the need for a separate coder.

Optometrists, Audiologists

Credentialing expands optometrists' and audiologists' reach, delivering essential eye and ear care services to diverse clientele.

Behavioral Health Providers

Our credentialing service helps behavioral health providers join insurance networks, extending vital mental health services to those in need.


With UMBS revenue cycle management service, you can make missed collections a thing of the past. Our solution provides total visibility into your performance, enabling you to improve collections and get paid faster with less work.

Billing Sophistication

At UMBS, we are dedicated to eradicating revenue leaks and enhancing revenue collection by optimizing your entire workflow, from eligibility verification and check-in to copay collection and back-office operations. Collaborating with us, you can anticipate a 5-10% rise in collections within the initial months, with 96% of claims being paid upon the first submission. Moreover, we assist in substantially reducing accounts receivable (A/R) days and denials, and ensure timely dispatch of patient statements to provide full visibility and transparency into every earned dollar. We assure:


5 Star Rating

Top Quality Medical Billing Service

UMBS stands out as a leading player in the medical revenue cycle arena, delivering innovative solutions and services to medical practices, clinics, and hospitals. Renowned for its precision, efficiency, and effectiveness in optimizing financial performance, UMBS’s revenue cycle management services are highly esteemed in the industry. With a steadfast dedication to customer satisfaction and a pursuit of excellence.

One Solution with

Knowledge Base Automation

We proactively stay updated by continuously enhancing our rules engine, a vast knowledge base containing over 4 million rules designed to flag claim issues before submission automatically. This meticulous process ensures that 96% of our claims are promptly accepted and paid upon initial submission, facilitating expedited collections.

Should a claim encounter a denial, our dedicated team of specialists adeptly manages the situation on your behalf. Furthermore, we integrate new rules into our database to prevent similar denials in the future. Our physician billing services streamline the claim process, simplifying management tasks and allowing you to prioritize delivering superior patient care.

In instances of denials, our proficient team handles the matter internally and implements additional rules into our database, effectively averting recurrences for UMBS Billing providers.


Secure a Dedicated Billing Expert for Your Clinic's Revenue Cycle Management

Medical billing can be fraught with errors, delays, and inefficiencies, impacting your cash flow and bottom line. UMBS’s billing associates streamline your clinic’s billing process, overseeing the entire revenue cycle management (RCM) with the aid of real-time reports and analytics to ensure seamless operations.

While medical billing and coding are different careers, they’re often talked about in the same breath. Both jobs are tied to a healthcare organization’s revenue cycle and how providers are paid for their care. Despite these similarities, their roles and responsibilities differ significantly.

Medical billers submit claims that include a procedure or service’s corresponding codes. Subsequently, medical insurance companies process the claims and reimburse providers according to a patient’s plan or coverage. Throughout this process, billers often correspond with insurance companies and patients to ensure providers can continue offering care.

Moreover, correct coding and billing impact patients directly. According to Garcia, accurate coding can mean the difference between a minimal copay and patients footing an entire bill

No, you do not need a postsecondary degree to work as a medical biller or coder—though a degree can help pave the way to some positions.

Moreover, medical billers often do not require higher education or training; in many cases, healthcare organizations provide necessary training on the job. Additionally, some people begin work as billers, work on a certification or degree in the meantime, and then transition to another healthcare job.

For medical coders, having a degree can lead to one of two designations: registered health information technician (RHIT) with an associate degree or registered health information administrator (RHIA) with a bachelor’s degree. Notably, these designations require coders to pass a rigorous exam in addition to graduating from a medical coder program.

According to Garcia, “You’ll likely need a higher degree if you want to be in a supervisory, educator, or managerial role.” Otherwise, he suggests, “start with a medical coding certificate,” or begin work as a medical biller without investing the years needed for a higher degree.

Medical billing requires fewer specialized skills and can have fewer barriers to begin a career," she adds. Moreover, you can leverage experience working in an entry-level billing position to demonstrate familiarity with the billing and coding process. Alternatively, starting in medical records, transcriptions, or prior authorizations can serve as an initial step, allowing you to get your foot in the door before transitioning to another position.

Similar to many fields, the competition for openings can be fierce. According to Garcia, "Sometimes people get discouraged when applying for jobs, but it all depends on how persistent you are." Therefore, don't give up, and stay determined in your job search.

Succeeding as a medical biller or coder demands dedication, attention to detail, and excellent communication. According to Nancy Szwydek, MPH, RN, RHIA, CRAT, CMAC, assistant dean for accreditation at Purdue University Global, "There is a big misconception that this field is easy: that they can just punch codes into a computer and things will be good. It requires a lot of work and practice."

Moreover, self-motivated learning is essential for medical billers and coders. As Garcia highlights, "Codes change every year, and you need to be resourceful to answer your questions on the job." This underscores the dynamic nature of the field, emphasizing the continuous need for skill enhancement and adaptability.

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