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Our expert clinical coders fulfill the coding needs of every specialty by assigning diagnosis and procedure codes that facilitate the creation of claims for submission to payers.
Trusted by 790+ Physicians
Trusted by 790+ Physicians
Catering to 40+ Specialties
Catering to 40+ Specialties
70+ Certified Medical Billers & Coders
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UMBS Coding Agency?

Accurate medical coding has become a necessity, particularly since ACA law has obligated healthcare providers to furnish patients with medical services they receive along with their corresponding expenses.

At BellMedEx, our certified coders analyze medical records to assign the proper standardized codes. This clinical coding expertise ensures your claims are reimbursed fully and quickly. No more submitting a service only to wait months for payment because of a coding error.

We follow the latest medical coding guidelines and legislation so your claims comply. This protects you from audit risks and overcharging patients due to unbundling. With BellMedEx, your reimbursements will be timely and accurate.

Our rigorous training and continuing education gives our coders an edge. They identify the right codes for even the most complex cases. This clinical coding solution helps avoid those claim denials that lead to revenue loss.

Put BellMedEx’s medical coding services to work for your practice. Our clinical coding solutions bring speedy and correct reimbursements in today’s climate of growing regulations. Outsource your coding needs and gain peace of mind knowing claims are coded right the first time.

UMBS Coding Audits & Consultancy Solutions

For healthcare leaders seeking truth in numbers, our medical coding services deliver. We scrutinize records to derive meaning, value, and direction. The benefits are manifold: reduced costs, optimized reimbursement, and evidence-based care. What results is sustainable growth and mission fulfillment.

Medical coding analysis

Billing Procedure & Strategies For The Future!

Medical coding analysis, therefore, minimizes risk in the billing procedure and proves to streamline strategies for the future.
Billing Procedure & Strategies For The Future!

Medical Coding Services & Solutions

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Advanced Coding Algorithms

CureMD's medical coding services utilize sophisticated algorithms and logic to accurately assign appropriate medical codes to diagnoses, procedures and treatments. This automation reduces the chances of human error, ensuring precise coding & minimizing the risk of claim denials.

Certified Coding Specialists

CureMD employs a team of certified medical coding specialists with in-depth knowledge of medical terminology and coding guidelines. Their expertise ensures that coding is carried out accurately, compliant with industry standards, and aligned with latest updates & regulations.

Real Time Edits and Audits

CureMD's medical coding outsourcing services incorporate real-time edits and audits to validate the accuracy and completeness of the coded data. This proactive approach allows for immediate corrections, reducing the likelihood of coding errors and compliance issues.

Integration with EHR and Billing Systems

CureMD's medical coding services seamlessly integrate with Electronic Health Record (EHR) and billing systems. This integration streamlines the coding process, enabling efficient patient data, codes, and billing information transfer, thereby optimizing revenue cycle management.

Compliance with Coding Standards

CureMD ensures strict adherence to industry-standard coding systems such as ICD-10, CPT, and HCPCS. The coding services also comply with healthcare regulations, including HIPAA, to safeguard patient data and maintain confidentiality.

Customizable Reporting and Analytics

CureMD's medical coding services provide Customizable reporting and analytics features. These insights enable healthcare providers to monitor coding efficiency, identify trends, track reimbursement patterns, and make informed decisions for process improvement and resource allocation.

Hire AHIMA & AAPC Certified Medical Coding Experts

BellMedEx medical coding experts analyze patient records and assign diagnosis + procedure codes to them with 99% accuracy. This CPC coding helps healthcare providers receive proper reimbursement from insurance companies. Our skilled coding managers thoroughly review all charts to ensure compliance with ICD-10, CPT and HCPCS standards. You can trust BellMedEx to capture every diagnosis, test, and treatment with the right codes for optimal revenue cycle management.

One Solution with

Knowledge Base Automation

Payor changes can be challenging, but CureMD is here to help. We stay ahead of the curve by constantly updating our rules engine, a knowledge base with more than 4 million rules that automatically detect issues with claims before they are submitted. This helps ensure that 96% of our claims are accepted and paid on the first submission, helping you collect faster.

In the event that a claim is denied, our dedicated team of experts manages the denial on your behalf and adds a new rule to our database to prevent similar denials from happening in the future. Our physician billing services streamline the claim process and make it easier to manage, so you can focus on delivering quality care to your patients.

In the case of a denial, our dedicated team of experts manages the denial at their end and adds another rule
to our database, preventing that denial from ever reoccurring for a CureBilling provider.

Medical Coding Services & Solutions

Get advanced help with Medical Coding

0% Staffing Burden

Don't stretch your staff thin with coding. Our service analyzes records and assigns precise codes for you. No need to hire, train and manage additional in-house coders. Outsource to us and reduce staffing burdens.

Complete Denial Assistance

Stop losing hard-earned income. Our coders' hawk eyes spot deficiencies leading to denials. We optimize records so you get paid for all you do. No more lost revenue.

Reduction in DNFB and Backlogs

Backlog refers to the number of cases pending to be coded after discharge. DNFB refers to the ratio of accounts that are not final billed due to incomplete or inaccurate coding or documentation. BellMedEx eliminates the backlog of uncoded cases and decreases DNFB ratio.

Automated Validation

The system checks a patient’s insurance benefits at check-in to avoid billing surprises. Patients are prompted to pay co-pays at this time.

Performance Metrics

Get a quick overview of your practice’s financial performance and create performance initiatives to improve your practice at scale.

Bills Collection

Get a summary of your medical bills, including status (paid, denied, in process, rejected). Our experts will follow up on these bills for you and provide one-click support for any billing problems.

AI Workflow

An AI-powered billing rules engine automatically detects & corrects errors in medical claims, ensuring faster payments and higher reimbursement rates.

Intelligent Billing

Smart billing with a well-defined charge coding means accurate and compliant superbills with zero chances of up/down coding.

Compliance Driven

AI-charged algorithms recommend the appropriate E&M level, and identify and prevent medical fraud abuse to eliminate the need for a separate coder.

Optometrists, Audiologists

Credentialing expands optometrists' and audiologists' reach, delivering essential eye and ear care services to diverse clientele.

Behavioral Health Providers

Our credentialing service helps behavioral health providers join insurance networks, extending vital mental health services to those in need.

Inpatient • Outpatient • Professional Fee • Specialty Reviews

Our medical coders are certified by AHIMA and AAPC. They know about all kinds of patients and places where healthcare is given. Every year, we code more than 10 million patient records. A group called KLAS even recognizes us as good at coding. We’re here to give you fast and accurate medical coding. Our coders are experts in more than 35 areas of medicine.

Medical coding is the process of translating medical procedures, diagnoses, and treatments into standardized codes. It is essential for healthcare providers because accurate coding ensures proper documentation, streamlined billing, and adherence to industry regulations.

Medical coding plays a crucial role in accurate billing and timely reimbursement. By assigning appropriate codes to patient diagnoses and treatments, healthcare providers can submit error-free claims to insurance companies and government healthcare programs, reducing the risk of claim denials and payment delays.

CureMD's medical coding service adheres to industry-standard coding systems, including ICD-10 for diagnoses, CPT for procedures, and HCPCS for supplies and services. This compliance ensures consistency and compatibility with other healthcare systems.

Yes, CureMD's medical coding service is designed to seamlessly integrate with existing Electronic Health Record (EHR) and billing systems. This integration streamlines the coding process, facilitates data exchange, and optimizes revenue cycle management.
CureMD ensures compliance with industry regulations and coding guidelines through a team of certified coding specialists and real-time audits. Our specialists possess in-depth knowledge of medical terminology and anatomy, maintaining accuracy and confidentiality in the coding process.