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At UMBS, we’re known for top-notch Medical Credentialing Services. Our Outsourced Credentialing Services take the hassle out of paperwork, unlocking privileges, ensuring smooth network integration, and speeding up reimbursements. Join countless satisfied practitioners who’ve found success with our Doctor Credentialing and Enrollment Services.

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Credentialing, also called insurance or doctor credentialing, is a process that checks the qualifications, skills, and legitimacy of healthcare providers. It ensures they have the right licenses, certifications, and education to treat patients.

At United Medical Billing Solutions, based in Dallas, Texas, the path to partnership and fair compensation is not just a process; it’s a transformation. It’s a commitment to aligning your practice’s goals with network opportunities all over the USA. It’s a promise to advocate for your value within the healthcare ecosystem. As you explore our credentialing and contracting services, know that we’re not just navigating the path – we’re paving it with expertise, dedication, and a focus on your practice’s growth and prosperity.

Complete Provider Credentialing Solutions

At United Medical Billing Solutions, based in Dallas, Texas, we view credentialing and contracting as the cornerstone of equitable compensation and practice growth all over the USA. With our unwavering commitment to transparency, negotiation, and compliance, we pave the way for your practice to flourish within the healthcare landscape. Explore our credentialing and contracting services and let us navigate the path to partnership and fair compensation on your behalf. We work with all specialties and assist with enrollment in all insurance networks (Medicare, Medicaid, and Commercial Insurance). Our credentialing solution fits any practice regardless of size or specialty.

Our Services

Credentialing Expertise

Our experienced team, based in Dallas, Texas, guides you through the intricacies of credentialing, ensuring accurate enrollment, verification, and adherence to network requirements all over the USA.

Insurance Contact Negotiation

We leverage our negotiation prowess, based in Dallas, Texas, to secure favorable terms with insurance companies, guaranteeing fair reimbursement for out-of-network services all over the USA.

Provider Enrollment

With meticulous attention to detail, based in Dallas, Texas, we facilitate the enrollment process, enabling you to become a valued network provider swiftly and effectively all over the USA.

Contact Management

We act as a liaison between your practice and insurance networks, based in Dallas, Texas, facilitating clear and effective communication for seamless interactions all over the USA.

Efficient Communication

We act as a liaison between your practice and insurance networks, ensuring clear and effective communication for seamless interactions, both in Dallas, Texas, and all over the USA.

Customized Strategies

We develop strategies tailored to your practice’s goals, ensuring that credentialing and contracting align with your specialty and objectives.

Benefits of Outsourcing Your Credentialing and Contracting Services

Outsourcing your credentialing and contracting services to United Medical Billing Company can bring about a multitude of advantages, streamlining your administrative processes and enhancing the overall efficiency of your healthcare practice. Here are some key benefits:

  • Expertise and Experience: United Medical Billing Company brings a wealth of expertise and years of experience in credentialing and contracting. Our dedicated team is well-versed in navigating the complexities of the healthcare industry, ensuring compliance with the latest regulations.

  • Time and Resource Savings: Outsourcing these crucial functions allows your in-house staff to focus on core responsibilities, such as patient care and practice management. This results in significant time and resource savings, promoting overall operational efficiency.

  • Faster Credentialing Processes: With a dedicated team focused on credentialing, United Medical Billing Company accelerates the process, ensuring that your providers can start rendering services swiftly. This rapid turnaround time is crucial for maintaining a seamless patient care workflow.

  • Network Expansion: Our team is adept at enrolling providers in various insurance networks, including Medicare, Medicaid, and Commercial Insurance. This facilitates network expansion, broadening your reach and potentially attracting a larger patient base.

  • Reduction in Errors and Rejections: By leveraging our expertise, we minimize errors in the credentialing and contracting processes. This reduction in inaccuracies leads to fewer rejections, ensuring a smoother reimbursement process and maintaining a healthy revenue cycle.

  • Adaptation to Industry Changes: The healthcare industry is dynamic, with frequent changes in regulations and requirements. United Medical Billing Company stays updated with these changes, ensuring that your credentialing and contracting processes are always in compliance with the latest standards.

  • Cost-Effective Solutions: Outsourcing offers a cost-effective solution compared to maintaining an in-house team for credentialing and contracting. This allows you to allocate resources more efficiently and optimize your budget.

  • Improved Patient Trust: A streamlined credentialing and contracting process enhances your practice’s credibility. Patients are more likely to trust healthcare providers associated with well-established and efficiently managed administrative processes.

United Medical Billing Company not only ensures compliance and accuracy but also frees up your resources for a more patient-centric focus, ultimately contributing to the long-term success of your healthcare practice.

Our Medical Credentialing Process

We offer comprehensive services encompassing provider enrollment at both group and individual practice levels. Catering to all specialties, we facilitate enrollment across a spectrum of insurance networks, including Medicare, Medicaid, and Commercial Insurance. Our credentialing solution is tailored to accommodate practices of any size or specialty.

Our credentialing and contracting services encompass:

  • Provider enrollment services for physicians and healthcare entities, involving credentialing and contracting with health plans.
  • Medicare provider enrollment and re-validation services.
  • Credentials verification for physicians and ancillary healthcare providers.
  • CAQH and NPI registration.
  • Managed care contracting.

Get credentialed and enrolled 10x faster.

A Simple 4-Step Credentialing Process


We assist in choosing the insurance networks you prefer. Just fill out our master survey and submit the required documents.


We gather all current insurance applications and fill them out for you. Once we have all your required documents, we complete them within five business days.

Follow Up

We check to confirm that all applications are received. We also take the initiative to follow up regularly, ensuring the enrollment process progresses smoothly and without delays.


We'll keep you updated on insurance approvals once confirmed. You'll receive all relevant information from the insurance panel. You're all set to start seeing clients and billing for services!

Find Top-notch Credentialing Services Near You with UMBS in the USA!

Are you looking for top-notch credentialing solutions from experts nearby? Meet UMBS, the premier provider credentialing company with over a decade of experience serving practices across all 50 states of the USA.

We start by understanding your practice’s needs and the requirements of your state and desired payers. Then, leveraging our strong relationships with payers, we gather and verify all necessary documents, licenses, certifications, and insurance to meet each payer’s criteria.

For example, if you’re credentialing a physician in California, we’ll verify their medical license with the Medical Board of California, check for any disciplinary actions on the National Practitioner Data Bank, review their malpractice insurance, and collect their current CV and diploma before submitting to health plans like Blue Shield of California and Health Net.

Plus, UMBS offers additional credentialing services like re-credentialing, expedited credentialing, and credentialing for locum tenens providers. Let us handle the details so you can focus on your practice!

United Medical billing Cover
he length of time it takes for a provider varies by insurance company. On average most private insurance companies such as BCBS and Cigna take around 90 business days while government payors such as Tricare and Medicaid can take longer. It is important to note that your credentialing company cannot influence this time in any way. Don’t let any company convince you otherwise.
Most insurance companies do not require you to have a physical “traditional “ office space in order to start the credentialing process. There are some payors such as AETNA and Medicare (in most cases) require providers to have a physical office space.
How you deliver your therapy is up to you, but most insurance companies will still require that you provide them a physical address. If this address is your home, you may opt to not show in the provider directory for privacy.
After your initial credentialing is completed , providers are required to re-credential every two to three years.
Your provider contract will remain in effect and automatically renew according to the terms of the agreement.

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