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United Medical Billing Solutions, based in Dallas, Texas, understands that managing accounts receivable goes beyond numbers; it’s about nurturing a healthy revenue stream that supports your practice’s growth and patient care endeavors all over the USA. Our specialized services in accounts receivable management are designed to empower your practice with the tools and strategies needed to minimize outstanding balances, optimize collections, and enhance cash flow.

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Our expert team specializes in translating medical services into accurate billing codes, ensuring fair compensation for healthcare providers. Explore the world of medical billing and coding with us

Why should you keep track of your receivables?

You may forget to bill specific customers or not know if you’ve been paid if you don’t maintain track of accounts receivable. You can end up giving out your goods for free, which would hurt your bottom line. The longer it takes you to issue an invoice, the less likely you are to get paid quickly. Keeping track of receivables is also a good strategy to document proof of income for tax purposes.

Our Services

Efficient Billing Practices

We analyze billing processes, both in Dallas, Texas, and all over the USA, to ensure accuracy and completeness, reducing the likelihood of errors that can lead to delayed reimbursements.

Timely Follow Up

Our team, based in Dallas, Texas, follows up on outstanding claims promptly, addressing any discrepancies and expediting the resolution of payment-related issues all over the USA

Customized Strategies

We tailor our accounts receivable management approach to align with your practice’s specific needs, ensuring seamless integration both in Dallas, Texas, and all over the USA.

Detailed Reporting

Access comprehensive reports detailing account status, aging analysis, and collections performance, enabling data-driven decision-making, both in Dallas, Texas, and all over the USA.

Patient Communication

We handle patient inquiries regarding billing and payments professionally, promoting a positive patient experience both in Dallas, Texas, and all over the USA.

Denial Resolution

We proactively identify the root causes of claim denials, both in Dallas, Texas, and all over the USA, implementing corrective measures to prevent recurring issues.

Plan for Future with United Medical Billing Solutions' Outsourced Accounts Receivable & Collections

Expertise Accelerated leverages its global talent pool to provide you with the human capital you need to optimize your Accounts Receivables function by:

  1. Developing standardized processes.
  2. Make rigorous follow-ups on aging balances.
  3. Reducing reliance on cumbersome paper-based records.
  4. Enhancing operational transparency.
  5. Shrinking the receivables collection period.

Expertise Accelerated is your gateway to assured quality with reduced cost.

Why Choose United Medical Billing Solutions to Outsource Accounts Receivable Services

Streamlining Collections with Dedicated Teams The medical accounts receivable program at United Medical Billing Solutions tackles issues that often hinder individual providers’ collection efforts. We deploy dedicated teams committed to resolving unpaid claims efficiently. Our collectors are experienced and well-trained individuals, many of whom have years of expertise in medical coding and collections.
Optimizing Order-to-Cash Cycle for Maximum Efficiency Efficiency in the Order-to-Cash cycle is critical for maximizing cash flows and collection operations. United Medical Billing Solutions transforms end-to-end accounts receivable management by optimizing cash flows, reducing past-due receivables, and identifying revenue leakages and refilling gaps.
Effective Collaboration for Successful Collection Activities Our employees collaborate closely with insurance companies to manage collection activities effectively while maintaining client relationships. The adaptability of our Accounts Receivable Solutions allows clients to choose from a comprehensive range of services or initiate a new assignment with specific processes, business units, or locations.
Ensuring Seamless Payments for Services At United Medical Billing Solutions, we prioritize ensuring that our customers encounter no issues in receiving payments for their services. Our comprehensive and adaptable approach to accounts receivable management aims to provide clients with a seamless and efficient financial process.

What makes United Medical Billing Solutions Special?

At United Medical Billing Solutions, based in Dallas, Texas, our accounts receivable management services are more than a process – they’re a commitment to your practice’s financial success all over the USA. Through accurate billing, proactive follow-up, and strategic interventions, we empower you to focus on delivering exceptional patient care, confident in the knowledge that your financial operations are in capable hands. Contact us at (469) 942-7230 for immediate, personalized assistance.

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At United Medical Billing Solutions, we offer a comprehensive range of services tailored to meet the unique needs of healthcare providers. Our services include medical billing and coding, credentialing and contracting, eligibility verification, accounts receivable management, revenue cycle management, and more. We provide end-to-end solutions to optimize your practice's financial health.

Efficient medical billing and coding are crucial for accurate claim submission and timely reimbursement. By ensuring that services are coded accurately and claims are processed efficiently, you can minimize claim denials, reduce administrative workload, and accelerate cash flow. This translates into optimized revenue cycles and enhanced financial health for your practice.

Credentialing is the process of verifying a healthcare provider's qualifications and experience to become an approved participant in insurance networks. Being credentialed allows you to expand your patient reach, offer in-network benefits, and maximize your practice's revenue potential. Credentialing enhances patient trust and positions your practice as a reliable choice for quality care.

Eligibility verification plays a crucial role in promoting transparency in patient coverage. By verifying insurance coverage and communicating benefit details to patients, you empower them to make informed decisions about their healthcare. Transparent eligibility verification minimizes surprises, enhances patient satisfaction, and fosters open communication between providers and patients.

Efficient accounts receivable management streamlines the process of tracking outstanding balances and ensures prompt reimbursement for services rendered. By addressing potential issues proactively and optimizing claims processing, you can enhance cash flow, minimize revenue leakage, and maintain a financially healthy practice.

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