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UMBS Medical Revenue Service generates and collects payments for provider services, offering a comprehensive RCM solution managing end-to-end operations from patient registration to collections. Our RCM billing company optimizes revenue cycles for improved financial outcomes at medical centers.

Revenue Cycle Management Services

Managing the finances of a medical practice is intricate. With constantly changing regulations, stringent insurance policies, and patient expectations soaring, the risk of revenue leakage, cash flow issues, and operational disorder looms large.

Fortunately, UMBS medical revenue cycle management (RCM) experts are here to restore your practice’s financial well-being. Our certified coders ensure precise billing and coding, effectively halting revenue leakage. Meanwhile, our enrollment specialists secure contracts with leading commercial payers, broadening your patient base. Additionally, our diligent billing experts work tirelessly to retrieve every dollar your practice earns.

Your Strategic Partner for Success

As the healthcare landscape undergoes continuous transformation, you need a partner that prioritizes your business as much as you prioritize patient care. Our unique positioning empowers you to navigate and thrive in the evolving industry landscape.
Technology-Driven Solutions
We integrate seamlessly with your existing systems to elevate patient experiences and enhance financial performance.
Intelligent Process Automation
Our intelligent automation transforms your business model, amplifying productivity and mitigating operational risks.
Global Delivery Model
Harnessing the power of best-cost geographies, we elevate quality and efficiency while reducing costs to benefit your organization.
Deep Domain Expertise
Drawing on profound industry knowledge, we guide your organization in applying best practices to address challenges and create enduring value.

Our Services

Patient Registration

We streamline patient registration processes, both in Dallas, Texas, and all over the USA, capturing accurate and complete information to prevent billing discrepancies.

Insurance Verification

Our team verifies insurance coverage and benefits in real-time, ensuring transparency and minimizing claim denials.

Accurate Coding

Certified coders, based in Dallas, Texas, translate medical procedures into standardized codes, forming the basis for successful claims all over the USA.

Denial Management

Our proactive approach addresses claim denials swiftly, minimizing revenue leakage and ensuring accurate resubmissions.

Appeals and Follow-Ups

In case of denied claims, we navigate the appeals process, both in Dallas, Texas, and all over the USA, maximizing chances of successful resubmission.

Transparent Reporting

Access comprehensive reports that provide insights into key metrics, allowing data-driven decision-making, both in Dallas, Texas, and all over the USA.

Benefits of Outsourcing Your RCM Billing to United Medical Billing

Outsourcing your Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) billing to United Medical Billing can offer numerous benefits for your healthcare practice or organization. Here are some key advantages:

  • Cost Efficiency: Reduce overall operating costs with the expertise of trained and certified professionals.

  • Revenue Enhancement: Guarantee a substantial increase in revenue, ranging from 20% to 30%, through our proven strategies.

  • Transparent Pricing: Embrace affordability with a pay-per-performance model; you only pay when we deliver results. No hidden or upfront fees to protect your hard-earned resources.

  • Dedicated Support: Enjoy a personalized approach with assigned Account Managers, Billers, and support staff for each client, ensuring clear visibility, transparency, and operational efficiency.

  • Comprehensive Billing: Stand out from the rest with our commitment to go beyond primary insurance submissions. UMBS ensures secondary and tertiary billing, maximizing reimbursement for your outstanding services and boosting overall revenue.

Our Complete RCM Reporting

Data Insight

Explore the essential metrics and trends of the revenue billing process through our comprehensive and interactive analytics dashboard. Compare your performance with industry benchmarks and pinpoint areas for enhancement.

Data Integration

Quick Response

Connect instantly with our RCM experts, patients, and insurance payers using our integrated chat system. Engage in real-time communication to ask questions, share feedback, and resolve issues efficiently.

Multi-Specialty Support

Effortlessly oversee numerous facilities and locations using our RCM reporting dashboard. Access and compare data from various sites and groups seamlessly. Enjoy a dedicated dashboard for each specialty.

Data Security

Be confident that your data is safeguarded with the utmost security. We ensure protection against unauthorized access and breaches by employing cutting-edge encryption and authentication technologies.

Data Integration

Data Integration

Enhance your data integration capabilities with our RCM reporting dashboard, supporting multiple formats and standards for seamless interoperability across systems and platforms.

Our Solutions For Providers' Revenue Growth

Cash Flow

Our medical RCM service minimizes bad debt and underpayments by ensuring precise and prompt claim submission and follow-up.

Accounts Receivable Management

Our healthcare RCM solution offers insights into Accounts Receivable (A/R) performance metrics, including days in A/R, A/R aging, and A/R turnover.

Payer Compatibility Alignment

Our RCM platform is both flexible and scalable, allowing it to adjust to changing payer requirements and maximize provider reimbursements.

High Recovery Rates

Our proactive and preventive strategy addresses denial root causes, leading to increased denial recovery rates and revenue integrity.

Automated Workflow

Our RCM specialists, combined with our advanced EHR platform, automate tedious tasks and ensure precise claim submissions

Satisfied Patients

Our RCM service provides a patient-centered platform that enhances the patient-payer relationship through telehealth capabilities.

Automated Patient Management

Our medical billing platform automatically calculates and communicates estimated out-of-pocket costs to patients prior to receiving services.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Prioritizing Communication: Seamless Interaction with RCM Centric. Upon contract signing, each physician is provided with a dedicated email and secure web log-in for efficient message exchange. Our Customer Support team is ready to address queries, ensuring satisfaction. Additionally, the Patient Help Desk manages insurance-related inquiries and patient calls.
Nearly 97% of claims are submitted electronically. For those not equipped for electronic claims, HCFA forms are employed. Swift responses from insurance companies come through Electronic Remittance Advice (ERA), notifying RCM Centric and physicians of payment receipt in record time.
Our direct submitters span across every state in the USA.
We are a dedicated team of medical coders, billers, and RCM specialists with a collective experience since 2000. Our unique and professional team structure ensures high-standard services, prioritizing each client's needs for a seamless collaboration.
Absolutely! Upon contracting with us, you'll be assigned a dedicated account manager along with a team of expert billers and coders devoted to your Practice/Account.

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