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Experience remarkable medical billing and coding with a 99.9% claim acceptance rate.

Welcome to a world where precision is paramount – the realm of medical billing and coding mastered by United Medical Billing Solutions, based in Dallas, Texas. With a presence spanning all over the USA, we specialize in navigating the intricate landscape of medical billing and coding with meticulous attention to detail.

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Medical Billing and Coding Services With UMBS

We possess cutting-edge infrastructure and the essential expertise to deliver a comprehensive range of medical billing and coding services to clients worldwide. Within our suite of medical billing and consulting services, we meticulously code the services received, and our dedicated billing team ensures timely reimbursement of claims.

Medical Billing and Coding Services With UMBS

Medical Billing and Coding Services

United Medical Billing Solutions ensures precision in revenue coding for swift reimbursement. As the largest consortium in the US, UMBC offers comprehensive support, transforming diagnoses and services into revenue through expert medical billers.
Precision in Revenue Coding: As specialists in Revenue Cycle Management, our Medical Coding Services play a pivotal role involving healthcare providers, patients, payers, and physician administrative staff. Collaborating closely with billers, our medical coders utilize clinical documentation to accurately assign revenue codes. The proficiency of certified and experienced medical coders is paramount, ensuring swift and error-free reimbursement for healthcare providers.
Comprehensive Support by UMBC: Positioned as the largest consortium of medical billing and coding services in the US, United Medical Billing Services (UMBC) goes beyond conventional support. We facilitate the accurate coding of diagnoses, procedures, and services, transforming them into revenue through the expertise of our medical billers.
Specialized Expertise Across Specialties: Within our extensive network, trained coders with diverse exposure across all specialties serve small clinics, multispecialty providers, and large hospitals. The proficiency of our coders extends to ICD-9-CM, Evaluation and Management codes, and CPT coding systems, with specialized training in each targeted specialty.
Thoroughly Trained Coding Experts: Furthermore, our coders undergo thorough training, equipped with in-depth knowledge of medical terminology, disease processes, and pharmacology. This ensures a seamless transition to the evolving ICD-10 system of medical coding and guarantees HIPAA 5010 compliant reporting.

Benefits of Outsourcing

Accurate Coding

Our certified coders, based in Dallas, Texas, meticulously translate medical procedures and diagnoses into standardized codes, reducing claim denials and optimizing reimbursements all over the USA.

Streamlined Claim Submission

We manage the entire claim submission process, from data entry to transmission, ensuring claims are accurately submitted to insurance networks in all over the USA.

Claim-Denial Management

Our proactive approach to claim denials, based in Dallas, Texas, involves thorough analysis and timely resubmission, maximizing the chances of successful reimbursement all over the USA.

Regulatory Compliance

With extensive knowledge of coding guidelines and industry regulations, we ensure your claims are submitted in adherence to compliance standards, both in Dallas, Texas, and all over the USA.

Optimized Revenue Cycle

Our end-to-end revenue cycle management, based in Dallas, Texas, ensures a seamless flow from coding to reimbursement, enhancing your practice's financial health all over the USA.

Efficient Communication

We bridge the gap between healthcare providers and insurance companies, based in Dallas, Texas, facilitating effective communication for smoother claim processing all over the USA.

Technology Integration

Utilizing cutting-edge software, we streamline billing and coding tasks, based in Dallas, Texas, minimizing errors and accelerating the revenue cycle all over the USA.

Customized Solutions

We tailor our services to match your practice's unique needs, ensuring that coding aligns with your specialty and services both in Dallas, Texas, and all over the USA.

Transparent Reporting

Access detailed reports on coding accuracy, reimbursement rates, and other crucial metrics, both in Dallas, Texas, and all over the USA, enabling informed decision-making.

What Medical Billing Offering

Our medical billing and coding service enhances the speed and accuracy of payments for both large and small practices. Through efficient claim submission, precise coding and billing, proactive accounts receivable follow-up, ICD-10 coding expertise, and thorough claim scrubbing, we achieve a remarkable 98% success rate in facilitating timely payments for medical providers.

Discover how our medical billing management solutions benefit healthcare practitioners in the USA:

  • Accelerate payments and enhance patient care for providers.
  • Improve cash flow by expediting claims payments.
  • Identify and resolve billing issues causing payment delays.
  • Automate claim processing to reduce administrative burdens.
  • Rectify billing errors to prevent revenue leakage.
  • Assist practices in meeting compliance and regulatory requirements.
  • Expedite claim processing for swift reimbursements.
  • Minimize costs associated with hiring and training medical billers.
  • Eliminate the need to invest in expensive medical billing software.

This comprehensive approach ensures your practice experiences seamless financial operations and maximizes revenue potential. Contact us at (469) 942-7230 for immediate, personalised assistance.

Medical Billing

Our certified experts adeptly navigate the complexities of billing codes, claims submission, and insurance networks. We ensure your practice receives rightful compensation nationwide. From efficient claim submission to proactive denial management, we optimize the revenue cycle, minimizing errors and delays.

With a commitment to excellence, transparency, and personalized solutions, our Medical Billing Services are your key to achieving financial prosperity and operational efficiency.

Medical Coding

Our certified experts ensure compliance with coding guidelines and industry regulations, reducing claim denials and enhancing your practice’s revenue stream nationwide. From streamlining claim submission to analyzing denial patterns, our expertise in medical coding empowers your practice with accurate and efficient coding solutions.

Through technology integration, continuous training, and transparent reporting, our Medical Coding Services elevate your practice’s financial accuracy.

Our Medical Billing and Coding Services Process

Extending Your Team Efficiently: By choosing United Medical Billing, you are gaining an extension of your staff without incurring extra overhead costs. We conduct interviews to understand your expectations for UMBS Medical Billing, building an exclusive billing and coding team dedicated to your needs. As more than an Afflied medical billing company, we aim to be your strategic partner, working towards your financial success.
Complete Revenue Cycle Management: Our team handles comprehensive revenue cycle management, including tasks like processing insurance claims, denial management, and maintaining accurate records. With United Medical Billing Solutions as your financial partner, your facility can focus solely on patient care, enhancing patient volume and improving overall experiences. Trust medical billing and coding to our experts equipped with up-to-date knowledge on healthcare regulations.
Going Beyond the Minimum: Unlike many medical billing companies that do the bare minimum, we go above and beyond. Specializing in cleaning up issues left by previous billing companies, we offer audits to identify challenges impacting revenue for healthcare providers and facilities. Errors found during audits, typically related to documentation, are swiftly recovered within the first day.

Swift Assessment and Immediate Improvements:
Our team swiftly assesses causes of negatively impacted revenue, implementing immediate improvements. We keep you informed through accessible data and performance metrics, ensuring awareness of your revenue cycle management’s progress and suggesting changes for further success. Choose United Medical Billing Solutions for comprehensive support and strategic insights into your financial prosperity.

Eligibility Verification
Charge Entry
Quality Check
Claim Submission
Clearing House Rejections
Payment Posting
Denial Management
AR Follow Up
Patient Statement
Better Complience
Improved Collections

What makes United Medical Billing Solutions Special?

At United Medical Billing Solutions, medical billing and coding isn’t just a process; it’s an art that bridges the gap between healthcare services and rightful reimbursement all over the USA. With our expertise in accurate coding, seamless claim management, and compliance, your practice can confidently focus on patient care, assured that your financial management is in capable hands. Explore our offerings further and discover how we elevate medical billing and coding to an art of precision and efficiency.
What makes United Medical Billing Solutions Special?
United Medical billing Cover
While medical billing and coding are different careers, they’re often talked about in the same breath. Both jobs are tied to a healthcare organization’s revenue cycle and how providers are paid for their care. Despite these similarities, their roles and responsibilities differ significantly.

Medical billers submit claims that include a procedure or service’s corresponding codes. Subsequently, medical insurance companies process the claims and reimburse providers according to a patient’s plan or coverage. Throughout this process, billers often correspond with insurance companies and patients to ensure providers can continue offering care.

Moreover, correct coding and billing impact patients directly. According to Garcia, accurate coding can mean the difference between a minimal copay and patients footing an entire bill

No, you do not need a postsecondary degree to work as a medical biller or coder—though a degree can help pave the way to some positions.

Moreover, medical billers often do not require higher education or training; in many cases, healthcare organizations provide necessary training on the job. Additionally, some people begin work as billers, work on a certification or degree in the meantime, and then transition to another healthcare job.

For medical coders, having a degree can lead to one of two designations: registered health information technician (RHIT) with an associate degree or registered health information administrator (RHIA) with a bachelor’s degree. Notably, these designations require coders to pass a rigorous exam in addition to graduating from a medical coder program.

According to Garcia, “You’ll likely need a higher degree if you want to be in a supervisory, educator, or managerial role.” Otherwise, he suggests, “start with a medical coding certificate,” or begin work as a medical biller without investing the years needed for a higher degree.

Medical billing requires fewer specialized skills and can have fewer barriers to begin a career," she adds. Moreover, you can leverage experience working in an entry-level billing position to demonstrate familiarity with the billing and coding process. Alternatively, starting in medical records, transcriptions, or prior authorizations can serve as an initial step, allowing you to get your foot in the door before transitioning to another position.

Similar to many fields, the competition for openings can be fierce. According to Garcia, "Sometimes people get discouraged when applying for jobs, but it all depends on how persistent you are." Therefore, don't give up, and stay determined in your job search.

Succeeding as a medical biller or coder demands dedication, attention to detail, and excellent communication. According to Nancy Szwydek, MPH, RN, RHIA, CRAT, CMAC, assistant dean for accreditation at Purdue University Global, "There is a big misconception that this field is easy: that they can just punch codes into a computer and things will be good. It requires a lot of work and practice."

Moreover, self-motivated learning is essential for medical billers and coders. As Garcia highlights, "Codes change every year, and you need to be resourceful to answer your questions on the job." This underscores the dynamic nature of the field, emphasizing the continuous need for skill enhancement and adaptability.

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