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Established in 2005, United Medical Billing Solutions (UMBS), is a Managed Outsource Solutions service that is headquartered in Dallas, Texas. UMBS is a service developed to provide innovative and comprehensive solutions in healthcare that focuses more on practice functions. Our clients consist of medical practices, dental practices, physicians, hospitals, and other medical institutions.

With over 18 Years of dedicated revenue cycle management (RCM) & credentialing services, United Medical Billing Solutions (UMBS) is a medical billing and practice management company. We provide customized solutions based on your needs. We offer full end-to-end revenue cycle, medical coding and credentialing services; all the services you need to make running your practice easier.

Comprehensive Solutions

An expert medical billing company provides high-tech and comprehensive Medical Billing services to healthcare providers and individual providers throughout the United States.

Streamlined Processes

United Medical Billing stays on top of ever-changing regulations and insurance reimbursement policies which is why it has been successful in streamlining claims management and reimbursement for its large client base.

We Care!

Our services surpass expectations, and we're proud of our history. Yet, our focus remains on the future. Through technology and talent investment, alongside unwavering commitment to service and innovation, we've grown in recent years.

Who We Are?

We are a client-centric company with more than 18 years of knowledge in providing top-quality Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) and medical billing services. United Medical Billings Solutions (UMBS) provides a comprehensive suite of healthcare IT solutions and services with a committed and world-class team of experts.

UMBS has expanded its services over the years to service healthcare facilities on a broader scale. Our integrated products and services go beyond mere medical billing and coding to improve patient-physician engagement, strengthen security over transmission of data and provide a deep analysis and insight into an organization’s operations.

Our Achievements

Here we proudly showcase the milestones and capabilities that define United Medical Billing Solutions. As a leader in the medical billing and coding industry, we have consistently achieved excellence in various aspects that contribute to the success of healthcare practices. Here, you’ll find a snapshot of our accomplishments and expertise, that reflects our commitment to delivering outstanding results.

15+ Years of Experience

700+ Satisfied Providers

5M+ Claims Processed

Trusted Physicians

1500+ Employees

50+ Specialities

At United Medical Billing Solutions, these achievements represent more than just numbers, as they signify our dedication to providing unparalleled service and support to healthcare providers. As you explore our accomplishments, know that behind each number is a team tirelessly working to elevate the financial health of your practice.

Our Core Values

We firmly believe that integrity is the foundation of our success, and our commitment to transparency, excellence, and collaboration is unwavering. Discover the principles that drive us to elevate the healthcare financial landscape and build lasting partnerships with our clients and stakeholders.


We are dedicated to streamlining every aspect of our services to ensure optimal accuracy and swift results for our clients through advanced technologies and meticulous processes,


Our expert team ensures precise medical billing and coding, offering healthcare providers confidence in their financial management.


Our customized solutions are a reflection of this commitment, as we adapt our strategies to align with the unique requirements of our clients.


Our commitment to innovation enables us to provide clients with modern, efficient, and effective approaches to medical billing and coding, propelling their practices toward success in a dynamic environment.

How We are Different


With a deep sense of integrity and commitment, we approach every aspect of our work with the utmost professionalism. Our team’s dedication to maintaining high ethical standards, clear communication, and respectful interactions underpins the trust our clients place in us.

Proven Track Records

Our extensive experience and a portfolio of successful engagements reflect our dedication to achieving tangible results. With a track record built on excellence and client satisfaction, we are providing healthcare providers with a trusted partner for their financial success.

In-Depth Reports

Our in-depth reports go beyond surface-level data, offering a deep understanding of financial performance, trends, and opportunities. With these reports, we equip our clients with the information they need to navigate the complexities of medical billing and coding with clarity and confidence.

Agile Approach

Our hands-on approach ensures that we remain flexible and responsive, delivering personalized solutions that address evolving requirements. Through this agile methodology, we foster a collaborative partnership that thrives on innovation and success in the dynamic world of medical billing and coding.

Integrated RCM Solutions

By integrating data, processes, and technology, we optimize the entire revenue cycle for our clients. This commitment to integration ensures accuracy, efficiency, and consistency, setting the stage for improved financial health and operational excellence within healthcare practices.

Operational Proficiency

Through rigorous training, meticulous process management, and continuous improvement, we ensure that our team operates at the highest levels of proficiency. With operational proficiency as a guiding principle, we empower healthcare providers to navigate the complexities of medical billing and coding with confidence and ease.

Our Mission

Our mission at UMBS is to be a trusted and valued healthcare partner offering advanced revenue cycle management services with dedication and integrity.

Our Vision

Our vision is to grow a loyal customer base and sustain superior performance that comes from engaged employees who are highly energized and passionate about our mission.

Let UMBS close the gap between your claims submission and your revenue.


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