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Best Medical Billing Companies in United States

The healthcare landscape in the United States is marked by its complexity, innovation, and constant evolution. In this intricate ecosystem, medical billing companies play a vital role, often working behind the scenes to ensure healthcare providers can focus on what they do best: delivering quality care.

This article is dedicated to exploring the attributes and qualities that distinguish the best medical billing companies in the USA. These companies are more than just service providers; they are invaluable partners in the financial health of healthcare practices.

The Critical Role of Medical Billing Companies

At its core, medical billing is the financial backbone of the healthcare industry. It’s the process by which healthcare providers receive compensation for the vital care they provide to patients. This multifaceted process involves meticulous coding, precise claim submission, rigorous insurance follow-up, and adept management of the revenue cycle. For healthcare providers, selecting the right medical billing company is more than a business decision; it’s a strategic move that directly impacts their financial stability.

Types of Healthcare Services

In addition to medical billing and coding, many other medical practices are frequently outsourced to third-party companies in the USA. And United Medical Billing Solutions is here to assist with those needs.

Here are the following healthcare outsourcing services:

Claims processing

Managing patient claims is both crucial and time-intensive. Patients need to have accurate medical claims submitted to their insurance companies promptly.

By outsourcing this task to United Medical Billing Solutions, healthcare providers like yourself can guarantee accurate processing of all patient claims. This not only minimizes billing errors but also ensures a smooth cash flow, preventing delays in processing the hundreds of claims received daily.

Data Processing

As a healthcare organization, you handle a significant amount of medical data and electronic health records daily. This data includes patient insurance details, test results, hospital records, prescriptions, and drug inventory.

Opting for data processing services from United Medical Billing Solutions can help free up your time and resources, allowing you to focus more on providing quality care.

Medical Transcription

Medical transcription involves manually transcribing recorded medical reports dictated by healthcare professionals. These reports cover a wide range of areas including medical lectures, clinical summaries, surgery notes, and more. The transcribed documents play crucial roles in patient medical charts, insurance claims, and practitioners’ records.

Characteristics of the Best Medical Billing Companies

The best medical billing companies are defined by their track record of excellence. They go beyond employing certified medical coders and billers; they have a deep understanding of the intricacies of the healthcare industry, coding systems, and billing procedures. They are knowledgeable and continually update their expertise to stay current with industry changes.

Commitment to Excellence:

The best medical billing companies stand out for their track record of excellence. They not only employ certified medical coders and billers but also possess a deep understanding of the healthcare industry’s intricacies, coding systems, and billing procedures. Continuous education and staying updated with industry changes are central to their approach.

Customized Solutions:

Recognizing the uniqueness of each healthcare provider, top medical billing companies offer tailored solutions. Whether serving a small clinic, a large hospital, or a multi-specialty practice, these companies adjust their services to meet the specific needs of their clients.

Timely and Accurate Claims Processing:

Efficient claims processing is essential for financial optimization. Leading medical billing service providers have well-established workflows and leverage advanced technology to ensure claims are submitted correctly and payments are received promptly. Minimizing errors and maximizing revenue are their priorities.

Effective Communication:

Transparent and proactive communication sets the best medical billing companies apart. Beyond processing claims, they provide clients with insights into claim statuses, payments received, and any emerging issues. This transparent approach fosters strong and collaborative working relationships.

Compliance Management:

Staying compliant with healthcare regulations is paramount. The top medical billing service providers maintain a vigilant stance on staying up-to-date with industry changes, including updates to coding systems, federal and state regulations, and payer requirements. They relieve clients of the burden of compliance, ensuring peace of mind.

Top 10 medical billing companies in the United States

Locating a healthcare billing company committed to supporting providers can be tough, especially for businesses with diverse service offerings. To assist you in your search, we’ve curated a comprehensive list of medical billing companies across the USA.

  1. United Medical Billing Solutions
  2. Connext Global Solutions
  3. AdvancedMD
  4. Kareo
  5. CareCloud
  6. Revele
  7. Infinite-O
  8. Promantra
  9. Medwave
  10. Medcare MSO

1. United Medical Billing Solutions

Based in Dallas, Texas, United Medical Billing Solutions is recognized as one of the top medical billing companies in the USA. Their commitment to excellence, adaptability to industry changes, and dedication to their client’s financial success have established them as a trusted partner nationwide.

This provider of medical billing services offers a comprehensive range of solutions, including insurance billing, patient billing, benefits verification, claims research, monthly reporting, collections, and customer service.

2. Connext Global Solutions

Connext is a Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) service firm based in the Philippines, specializing in back-office operations. Since 2014, the company has been offering cost-effective professional staffing solutions with highly skilled professionals.

Utilizing advanced cloud technology, Connext effectively addresses the staffing needs of its clients. By assembling outstanding remote teams, the firm ensures seamless operations for its clients’ businesses, fostering efficiency and success.

3. AdvancedMD

Established in 1999, AdvancedMD is a healthcare technology company headquartered in South Jordan, Utah. Focused on cloud medical software for ambulatory medical practices, this outsourcing provider offers a range of medical services.

In addition to its primary focus, AdvancedMD provides services such as revenue cycle management, credit card processing, managed billing services, clearinghouse, telemedicine, and patient messaging. Their medical billing processing rate begins at $25 per hour.

4. Kareo

Founded in 2004, Kareo provides comprehensive cloud-based medical technology platforms tailored for various healthcare facilities. With physical offices located in California and Costa Rica, Kareo delivers versatile solutions to meet diverse needs within the healthcare sector.

Their medical billing services are priced at $25 per hour. Additionally, Kareo offers expertise in various other medical functions, including patient collections, insurance reimbursements, care delivery, patient experience enhancement, and beyond.

5. CareCloud

CareCloud, a well-known healthcare information technology provider, operates globally with offices in Sri Lanka, Pakistan, and the US. With roots dating back to 1999, this outsourcing provider brings extensive professional expertise in healthcare services.

Its comprehensive range of medical solutions includes revenue cycle management, practice management, patient experience management, telehealth, and healthcare analytics. Currently, CareCloud serves over 40,000 healthcare providers across all 50 states, showcasing its widespread impact in the industry.

6. Revele

Previously known as GroupOne Health Source, this medical billing company has been serving its clients since 1991. Headquartered in both Indiana and India, this company provides specialized solutions in revenue cycle management and medical billing.

Their services include remote staffing, patient pay solutions, denial management, clinical coding, and healthcare analytics. Additionally, they specialize in EHR software systems and MIPS.

7. Infinite-O

Infinite-O is a multinational BPO company with global offices located in various countries such as the Philippines, the UK, Australia, and the US. We have a team of skilled and certified medical coders and RCMs proficient in utilizing EHR or EMR systems.

In addition to healthcare services, Infinite-O provides finance and accounting, research and data, customer experience, IT, and back-office support.

8. Promantra

Promantra specializes in providing BPO services tailored to every sector of the healthcare industry. With offices in both the US and India, it stands out for its unique focus on healthcare software development, mobile apps, e-learning, QA and testing, as well as software integration, setting it apart from traditional medical billing companies.

9. Medwave

Medwave offers top-tier medical billing services, A/R recovery, and credentialing across diverse healthcare sectors. Catering to healthcare practitioners in fields like behavioral therapy, chiropractic care, physical therapy, toxicology labs, and beyond, this provider is based in Pennsylvania.

10. Medcare MSO

Medcare MSO specializes in medical billing and revenue cycle management, aiding healthcare organizations in boosting their financial performance.

With a seasoned team boasting 12 years of industry expertise, Medcare MSO is dedicated to tailoring efficient solutions to match each client’s unique needs.

Offering a complete range of services including medical billing, collections, and practice management, Medcare MSO prioritizes delivering top-tier service to clients, guiding them toward their financial objectives.

Choose Excellence for Your Practice

In the intricate landscape of the American healthcare system, selecting the right medical billing company is a pivotal decision. The best medical billing companies offer the expertise, customization, efficiency, and transparency needed to optimize revenue, reduce administrative burden, and ensure compliance with ever-evolving regulations.

If you’re in search of a medical billing partner that embodies these qualities, consider one of the top providers mentioned here. Your practice’s financial health and operational efficiency are their foremost concern, and their expertise becomes your asset.


In this blog, we’ve explored the qualities and attributes that distinguish the best medical billing companies in the USA. These companies serve as invaluable partners to healthcare providers, ensuring they receive accurate reimbursements, streamline their financial operations, and navigate the complex landscape of healthcare regulations. By carefully considering these factors, healthcare providers can make informed decisions when choosing a medical billing partner that best aligns with their unique needs and goals.

Ultimately, the selection of the right medical billing company can significantly impact the financial health and success of a healthcare practice.

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